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Keynote Address
One False Assumption [About the Iroquois Indians] and Logic
Does the Rest

Laurence Hauptman

Film Screening
The Life and Times of Rockwell Kent

Frederick Lewis

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Preliminary Conference Program
Last updated 11-3-2003. Please contact us at resrchny@albany.edu with any questions, corrections, or comments.

Thursday, November 20th

Registration: 12:30 - 5:30 PM
Campus Center Assembly Hall

Session I ~ Concurrent Panels

1:30-3:15 pm

Radical New York

No Gods, No Masters: The Development of Feminist Freethought in New York City's Radical Public Sphere, 1890-1917
Rachel Scharfman, New York University

The Rand School of Social Science and Cultural Socialism in New York City, 1917-1923
Thomas Wirth, Villanova University

In Time People Will See We're Right: The Rise of Liberal Anti-Communism in Cold War New York, 1944-1949
Dan Link, New York University

Chair and Comment: Lawrence Wittner, University at Albany, SUNY

Money Matters
Empire of Madness: The Beginnings of New York's Insane Asylums
Brad Edmondson, Independent Scholar

The Birth and Early Death of a Faith Based Initiative: St. Peter's School 1971-1979
Eve P. Smith, University of Windsor

The History of the New York State Lottery
Randy Bobbitt, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Chair and Comment: Charlotte Brooks, University at Albany, SUNY

Southern Connections
New York's Appalachia: How Did New York Become Part of the Appalachian Regional Commission
Penny Messinger, Daemen College

Monster Mass Meeting of the Ocean and Other Countries: Ritual, Rhetoric and Reporting in the Presidential Election of 1856
Alice McShane, University at Albany, SUNY Colleges

Chair and Comment:Bruce Eelman, Siena College

3:15 PM

Session II~Concurrent Panels
3:30-5:15 pm

African American Social Activism: Rochester, New York 1930-1990
The Persistent Voice of Howard Wilson Coles
Kathleen Casey, University of Rochester

The Howard Wilson Coles Modern Manuscript Collection
Leatrice Kemp, Rochester Museum and Science Center

'Two Worlds in Parallel:'Carver House--The African American Response, 1943-1945
Beverly Demma, SUNY Brockport

Chair and Comment: Larry Hudson, University of Rochester/Frederick Douglass Institute

Crime, Popular Culture and Society in New York City
The Spectacle of the Gallows: Public Punishment and Popular Culture in New York City, 1646 to 1832
Thomas D. Beal, SUNY Oneonta

'Wandering Objects of Vice and Disgust:' Prostitution and Destitution in New York City, 1835-1840
Karen M. Green, Cooperstown Graduate Program in Museum Studies

Was He a Man or a Monster? Merchandising Murder in the Nineteenth Century Popular Press
Melissa McAfee, New York State Historical Association

Chair and Comment: Richard F. Hamm, University at Albany

Facing History: New York Lives
Middle-Class Aging in Early 19th Century New York--Supreme Court Justices, in Retirement, 1798-1823
Don Roper, SUNY New Paltz

Remembering Those Who Served
Wayne Mahood, SUNY Geneseo

Play Soldier, Real Martyr: Colonel Elmer Ellsworth
Ann Prentice, Siena College

Chair and Comment: Bridgett Williams-Searle, College of St. Rose


University at Albany
Standish Room, 3rd floor, Science Library

6:00 PM

Reception/Light Supper

7:00 PM
Film Screening

The Life and Times of Rockwell Kent

Frederick Lewis
Ohio University


Friday, November 21st
Registration & Continental Breakfast: 7:45 AM Campus Center Assembly Hall

Session III~Concurrent Panels
8:30-10:15 AM

Money Getting in New York: Researching Micro Businesses

City of Women (Revisited and Revised)
Susan Yohn, Hofstra University

Pushing, Go-Ahead New Yorkers: Researching White-Collar Strivers and Very, Very Small Business Owners in Nineteenth-Century Brooklyn
Jocelyn Wills, Brooklyn College

The Business of Art, Political Networks & Visual Culture in the Nineteenth Century City
Barbara Balliet, Rutgers University

Chair and Comment: Susan Ingalls Lewis, SUNY New Paltz

An Odyssey Among the Iroquois: A History of the Tutelo in New York
Jay Hansford C. Vest, University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Natives and Alcohol in Seventeenth-Century New York
Roger Carpenter, Mt. Holyoke College

Cornell University and the Iroquois
Jane Mt. Pleasant, Cornell University

Chair and Comment: George Hammel, New York State Museum

Envisioning the Landscape: Public Places~Public Spaces
The Hard-climbing Trail: Empire State Places and Events in the works of E.T. Seton
Kathleen Marie Connor, University of Ottawa, Canada

A Medieval Tower in a New World Landscape: Kingfisher Tower and Otsego Lakes
Kerry Dean Carso

My Heart's in the Small Lands: Touring the Miniature Metropolis in the Museum
Blagovesta Momchedjikova, New York University

Chair and Comment: Robert Snyder, Rutgers University

10:15 AM

Session IV~Concurrent Panels
10:30 AM - Noon

New York State and the Untidy Story of Woman's Rights
Writing a Movement: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and the Creation of Historical Memory
Lisa Tetrault, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Citizens of the State of New York: Six Women and Political Identity in Jefferson County
Lori Ginzberg, Pennsylvania State University

Chair and Comment: Alison Parker, SUNY Brockport

Placing the Past
Place Matters and Historic Preservation on the Web
Marci Reavan, City Lore

At the Virtual Corner of Broadway and Ann Street: The Lost Museum Project
Ellen Noonan, City University of New York

Chair and Comment: Suzanne Wasserman, City University of New York

Colonial New York
The Albany Plan of Union: Shattering the Franklinian and Iroquoian Myths
Robert Messia, University at Albany, SUNY

Transatlantic Slave Trade in New York, circa 1682-1774: A Case Study of a Minor Port
Guillaume R. Martin, Queen's University

Chair and Comment: Stefan Bielinski, Colonial Albany Social History Project
New York State Museum


Lunch and Keynote
Ballroom, 2nd floor, Campus Center

One False Assumption [About the Iroquois Indians]
and Logic Does the Rest

Laurence Hauptman
Distinguished University Professor, SUNY New Paltz


Session V~Concurrent Panels
1:30-3:00 PM

Looking Behind the La Guardia Myth

Cactus Flower: Western Ideology and the Making of Fiorello La Guardia
Mary Greenfield, La Guardia and Wagner Archives

Tinhorn Gamblers, Chiselers, and Imbroglioni: Fiorello La Guardia's Anti-Gambling Crusade
Jennifer E. Steenshorne, La Guardia and Wagner Archives

Chair and Comment: Tod Ottman, Encyclopedia of New York State

Race, Reconstruction, and Women's Rights in New York
Freedmen's Aid and Women's Rights in Rochester, 1862-1869"
Carol Faulkner, SUNY Geneseo

P.S. -- Miss Louisa Jacobs has Arrived in this Country: An African-American Woman on the 1867 Equal Rights Tour of Upstate New York
Kate Culkin, Pace University

Chair and Comment: Judith Wellman, Historical New York Research Associates

Teaching New York
The Legacies Project: A Document-Based Resource for Teachers
Deb Escobar, Independent Scholar

Building the Erie Canal, One Pixel at a Time: Web Development for the Elementary and Middle School Classroom
Jane Ladouceur, The College of St. Rose

Chair and Comment: Thomas Mackey, University at Albany, SUNY

3:00 PM

Session VI ~Concurrent Panels
3:15 - 5:00 PM

Local Historians as a Resource for New York History:
A Roundtable Discussion

John Bonafide, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation; Town of New Baltimore Historian
Paul J. Loatman, Jr., City of Mechanicville Historian
John L. Scherer, New York State Museum; Town of Clifton Park Historian
Marilyn J. Van Dyke, Warren County Historical Society; Town of Queensbury Historian
Chair: Ivan Steen, University at Albany, SUNY

Youth: Challenges and Social Change
The National Youth Administration in New York: Salvation or Destruction
Britt Haas, University at Albany, SUNY

The Menace of Narcotics to the Children of New York: The Role of New York in the First Postwar Heroin Epidemic
Nancy Campbell, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Out in the Valley: The Gay Liberation Movement in the Genesee Valley, 1968-1974
Mary Buggie-Hunt, SUNY Brockport

Chair and Comment: Andrew Morris, Union College

Working New York: Race and Gender
African American Fire Fighters and the Struggle for Racial Equality in the FDNY
David Goldberg, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Business and Professional Women's Club of New York State: Elite-Sustained Feminism in the Post-WWII Period
Jennifer Van Ness, University at Albany, SUNY

"I'm Going to Send an A-6 Over Your Factory and Bomb It:" Masculinity and Corporate Culture in Post-War New York
Stephen Patnode, Stonybrook University, SUNY

Chair and Comment: Richard Greenwald, United States Merchant Marine Academy

Religious Foundations
Speculations on the Genealogy of Deism in New York, 1700-1850"
Thomas Baker, SUNY Potsdam

Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris Smith and the Masonic-Mormon Nexus
Jim Cocola, University of Virginia

No Queens, No Elections in Albany: Re-Reviewing Pinkster and the King 1790-1811
Kevin Morgan, University at Albany, SUNY

Chair and Comment: Harvey Strum, Sage Colleges


Campus Center, Fireside Lounge

5:00 PM


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