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November 19 & 20, 2015
University at Albany, SUNY

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Celebrate New York History Month at the annual Researching New York Conference!! We are delighted with the strong response to the 2015 call for papers for Researching New York - and the many proposals that responded to the theme of Communities of New York. We are pleased that we will again have sessions at the New York State Museum. See Program 2015 link, above, for a detaills on all the panel---and note the featured events outlined below.

UPDATE: Please note that we are now able to accept credit cards and process registrations online. See Registration page for details.


** Special sessions at the New York State Museum including The Future of the New York State Museum’s Permanent Exhibitions,  a discussion of an exciting project to update and build 35,000 square feet of new permanent exhibit spaces in the Museum. Senior Historian, Jennifer Lemak, will offer a short history of the existing exhibits and Museum Director, Mark Schaming, will present the plans for the upcoming gallery renewal and future of the New York State Museum.  Galleries will be open after hours to explore exhibits with museum staff available for questions and comments.

**Talks by Ginger Strand, author of the upcoming The Brothers Vonnegut, a cultural history and joint biography that offers "a wild collision of science and literature set against the backdrop of the cold war and the dawn of the digital world."  Much of the story originates in New York at GE and the University at Albany Department of Atmospheric Sciences.  She will present a public lecture on Thursday evening at the New York State Museum,  The Brothers Vonnegut: Bernard Vonnegut and Kurt Vonnegut in GE's House of Magic and also a conference session, Why am I Always the Only One Weeping in the Reading Room? A Writer in the Archive.

**Friday lunch keynote with Philip Terrie, Adirondack Towns: Cultural Constructions, Political Agendas, and Social Realities. Terrie is the author of numerous works on Adirondack history and culture. This presentation examines how our understanding of the history and realities of Adirondack villages has been shaped by competing narratives, one produced by outsiders and the other by Adirondack residents themselves.

As always many panels offer a broad view of New York State history, while others have responded to the call to examine understandings of community as describe in the 2015 call: communities are often defined by geographic or physical location; however, they may also include, or transcend, communities drawn together by shared cultural, political, religious, ethnic, racial, or gender identities and shared experiences. From the earliest Native Americans of New York to the virtual communities of today; how they have evolved, worked together, or challenged each other has shaped New York history. How individuals, both notable historical actors and average citizens, have navigated, often multiple, communities has influenced their accomplishments as well. How do these understandings inform the history of New York State, not only telling the stories of the past, but also helping to engage with the communities of today?

For further information-- if you have questions or comments, please contact us at We look forward to your participation at this year's Conference.

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